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5 Gem Facts Featuring The Best Gemstones

Hi, I wanted to features some of the best gemstones that I am obsessed with! In my exploration I found facts are so fun and interesting and that I would love to share with you. Also featuring some beautiful jewellery pieces with these stunning gems. 



There are many varieties of tourmaline, almost 40! But only a few of these varieties have any gemological significance. Pink tourmaline graces the month of October and bring compassion and wisdom. It is is also associated with love. These properties according to crystal healers allow you to be in a calm and tranquil state, encouraging a serene mind. 


Emerald is a gemstone that is extremely enchanting, although common, They are judged on the transparency and colour. It is said that Columbia and Madagascar hold the most beautiful and exceptional specimens of emerald. Emerald is thought to bring balance and harmony into ones life. It can also encourage prosperity and abundance as well as growth in all aspects, whether it be in business or just your life. 


Sapphire is an extremely strong gemstone, the only thing that can scratch it is diamond. It has a wide range of quality dependent on the how opaque it is and the colour. Sapphire are known for wisdom and brings good luck, they were often worn by medieval kings believing it will bring them victory. 


Most Amethyst is mined in Brazil, while Siberia, Uruguay and Canada also mine the gem. It is the official gemstone of Canada. The colour purple was originally the colour of royalty, there it was used to adorn the richest of monarchs and people. Amethyst is thought to encourage being calm and having courage which is why Egyptian soldiers would wear them in battle. 


Most top-quality rubies have been mined in Myanmar (formerly Burma), which is where the term “Burmese ruby” comes from. It symbolizes power and protection, a well known allusion of this is in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy’s slippers were ruby. Her slippers were thought to protect her from evil. According to ancient folklore, people of India believed rubies would help them be at peace with their enemies. Overall it’s a stone of beauty, wisdom and peace.

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