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Halloween is right around the corner and we’re preparing by getting our costumes ready and doing all things spooky. We all love Halloween as it’s a chance to finally be creative, be your favourite character for one night and not be judged. Not only that you can treat yourself to the sweets you collect!

Last Halloween

Last year, Halloween was approaching once again. I thought all the paranormal stories that were passed down were fiction. I would always take people’s experiences with a grain of salt, that it’s just a figment of their imagination or exaggerated. That was until something strange had happened to me. 

The Black Cat

We were having work done in the bathroom and the plumber had been in and out all day. After the work was done, he approached me and exclaimed “I’m sorry I let your cat in the front door earlier, he’s gone upstairs.”

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion as I looked at him. “What cat?” I questioned. I did not own a cat but I then remembered that our neighbour had one that often would be wondering around. 

The plumber left and I checked everywhere in my house with no sign of this cat. I shrugged it off and just thought maybe the cat had already left or didn’t even enter to begin with, it was just a big misunderstanding. 

A few days later as I was leaving for work my neighbour was outside watering plants in the bright rising sun, the old woman looked up at me. Her face wrinkled up as she smiled. “Good morning!” She chirped.

My lips curved up into a smile seeing her. “Good morning, I haven’t seen you for a while.”

She nodded in response and frowned. “My daughter had just got into an accident a while ago, she passed away a couple of days ago.” She laughed dryly. “I’m just glad she was surrounded by her friends, they were dressed in all their Halloween costumes and what not.” 

I recalled what the plumber had said to me in that moment. “Your cat visited my house on that day, apparently the plumber had let him in but he wasn’t anywhere to be found when I searched.”

The woman stared at me in visible confusion. “Are you talking about Mori? He passed away months ago my dear but do you know what’s strange? My daughter loved Mori dearly and when he had left she grieved him for a long time. After the accident she kept telling me Mori was visiting her hospital room.” She sighed. “I had dismissed it thinking she simply missed him. Even when she passed she said Mori was beside her.” 

Two days later, my dog passed. 

The Unknown

This incident has stayed with me and now that Halloween is around the corner I am reminded of it. I decided to create pieces of jewellery to represent this incident, to represent the paranormal and the unknown. 

A Halloween special ‘cat in the moon’ necklace handmade, admire the craftmanship to create this stunning piece of jewellery. Explore all things spooky and paranormal with this Created Diamond Pendant. Are you a cat lover? this necklace is designed for you. Cats love to watch the world go by but come alive at night when the moon shines. This silver pendant necklace captures this thought perfectly, with an appreciated gentleness about its design.

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