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Classic Range

The essence of style and sophistication, the Dubai Gems Classic Collection is a range inspired by the decadence of a former era.  The selected pieces are truly timeless unchallenged by new innovation and glamour. 

I really have tried to make this range really simple but without compromising the quality and style.  I didn’t want to go to iconic as to not lose the uniqueness of each piece but to add character.  

I wanted the Classic pieces to be worn by individuals from all ages, considered the foundation to any outfit, that can be worn attending places as casual as the grocery store to a red-carpet event. Common examples of classic jewellery pieces include: diamond stud earrings, hoop earrings, watches, stacking rings, simple bracelets, pearl necklaces, bangle bracelets, cocktail rings, anklets, pendants, and layered necklaces.

The tennis bracelet for example which has diamonds or gemstones is a timeless variant of the more traditional diamond bracelets. The classic pieces of jewellery consist of a single row of diamonds that encircle the wrist. Simple yet elegant, diamond tennis bracelets are perfect for both daily wear and special occasions.


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