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Continental Range

Truly a magnificent piece of romantic mastery work of art. All colours available.

Dubai Gems

Continental Range

Walking down the streets of Narborough Road nestled within central boundaries Leicester, its very difficult not to be overwhelmed by the multitude of diverse nationalities that live in one road.

An area that was once quite derelict has come to life again over the last 10 years and become a lively part of the city of Leicester. It has now become an oasis of people of different background with variety of beautiful shades of colours. Not surprising it has been marked as the most muti-national road in Britain. 

This has really given me inspiration to design simplistic jewellery with variety of different coloured stones originating from different continents. Different shades of Ruby, Emerald, ocean blue Sapphire citrine and Peridot has been selected to be adorned in the Dubai Gems- necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

Its one mile length road is home to at least 23 different nationalities, from countries such as Poland, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda and Zambia as well as Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. 

It is the world in microcosm, all these people, from all these different places, different cultures, living together, working with each other and living in harmony. It really is an incredible array of nationalities in one place.


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