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Elegance Range

An exquisite classic range, simple and elegant. An enchanting timeless piece.

Dubai Gems

Elegance Range

I love this range. I genuinely do mean it as well.  It’s a fusion between the Classic and Signature.  What I wanted to create with this collection is simplicity, class and subtleness.  I wanted to make the wearer speak without taking.  Let the jewellery talk for you. 

I really wanted to use simple shapes and colours and combine them in a way that would best create the alluring impression and appearance.

I am also a big fan of the pear cut or tear drop shape.  I have used this shape throughout my collection.   One of the reasons for my liking of this shape is that it reminds of the yearning of the branch for its roots in the tree it was once part of.  The tears of yearning truly heart felt only a lover will understand.


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