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Waterfall Range

This an exclusive Dubai Gems Design. Exquisite craftsmanship! and unmatched.

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Exquisite Waterfall Range

Waterfalls are never the same, nor are YOU!

Have you ever seen two waterfalls that are exactly alike? No? Neither have I.

And not just that, I don’t think I have seen two that even have that much in common. They are unique, and sure one might remind you of another one, but in nearly every single way, each waterfall has it’s own signature.

One of the hardest questions anyone could possibly ask me, when it comes to waterfalls, is “which one was your favourite? “

There are many wonderous waterfalls in Leicestershire Like Highfields Park, Nottingham and Belper River Gardens in Belper.  My favourite has to be Bradgate park, Newtown Linford 8 miles away from the city.  Brings back childhood memories of family days out watching the deers running past the waterfall.   This amazing feeling of power, memory and uniqueness has really been captured like a dream in this jewellery set. 


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