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A refund can be requested by contacting the email address provided in the about us section, stating the reason for the refund as well as any evidance that can be provided.

We do ship worldwide, however this can affect pricing due to exchange rates as well as delivery time and postage rates.

We do provide gift vouchers, simply email us in regards to it and we can provide you with vouchers.

Colour – Transpacency and colourlessness of a diamond

Clarity – The number of inclusions and blemishes in a diamond

Cut – Refers to a diamonds proportions, polish and ability to reflect light

Carat – Unit weight of a diamond

Lab diamonds are not synthetic diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds look identical to a natural diamond. They have the same properties as natural diamonds, the only difference is that they are grown in a lab, whereas natural diamonds are formed in the earth. Synthetic diamonds are alternatives to natural and lab grown diamonds. Common ones can include spinel, and cubic zirconia.

The main difference between white, yellow, and even rose gold is simply the metal mixture that’s used to make them. Some of the most common metals used to mix with gold are copper, silver, nickel, palladium, and zinc. Depending on what metals are used and the percentage that they’re present will result in these three common colors. White gold has more nickel and zinc, while yellow gold contains more copper.

Gold-finished items are electroplated with a layer of gold that has no standards at all. The thickness of the gold plating on an item can either let the base metal show through or conceal the color of the base metal entirely–like the difference between a bridal veil and a trench coat.

If a sizing error has been made during purchase we are able to send out the product of correct size once we have recieved the incorrectly sized product.

We dispatch the orders as they come through on the same day through the Royal Mail using tracked 48 delivery. This means you will recieve your order within two to three working days.

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