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Limitless Heart’s Collection

I love holidays not only because I love being with family or going on a date or a cheesy IG captions. I love holidays because I can use it as an excuse to buy myself a new piece of jewellery, a little excuse to indulge in retail therapy. These beautiful jewellery sets were created to express your love, so why not surprise yourself? I wanted these sets to be a perfect gift not only for those you care about but a meaningful gift to celebrate yourself.

Limitless Heart's

“Love is limitless.”

From the one you care about most in the world, to the love you have for yourself. Express whatever is close to your heart with these dazzling gemstones. Love is limitless, allow yourself to carry these boundless precious feelings with you everywhere. Gems full of meaning and beauty.

These stunning pendants are specially handmade with heart cut gems & halo of created diamond. Diamonds are said to have many benefits, it is a very protective stone which means you can ward of any negativity that surrounds you as well as bestow you with good luck, happiness, tranquillity. Prosper with this elegant gem designed just for you. This exquisite piece of jewellery can be the perfect gift for someone special. Why not surprise the one you love with this gorgeous necklace?

Make Your Outfit Sparkle With A Touch Of These Gems

This sapphire blue pendant is for those who are independent and free. Wherever you go, you command respect. This gemstone encourages patience, wisdom and knowledge.

This lustrous silver pendant is for those who love to keep it simple and sleek. A determined, innovative spirit who is graceful and elegant. This gemstone encourages clarity, focus and strength.

This emerald pendant is for those who love earth and nature, embrace harmony and serenity. Your tranquillity will radiant through this jade gemstone, encouraging balance, safety and rebirth.

This pink tourmaline pendant is for those who love to nurture and are in touch with their divine feminine. You are naturally caring and warm-hearted. This gemstone embraces love, kindness and femininity.

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