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Love & Kisses Range

This an exclusive Dubai Gems Design. Exquisite craftsmanship! and unmatched.

Dubai Gems

Love & Kisses Range

Express Yourself. Dubai Gems Fusion jewellery can symbolise a love story, a family relationship or a life event by mixing the different pieces in your own way.  Be creative and set your imagination free.

This design is dedicated to the 80 year old lady whom I met on the train on my way to Wales.  She told the amazing story of her life.  She met her husband when she was 18 and there were married for 60 years.  He had recently passed away but the love and kisses will always be remembered forever.  In a way this is a dedication to all those couples who have had a such a life of love and wonderful longevity in the sacredness of marriage.

Beauty and Meaning Combined. The true meaning of your jewellery may be a secret just for you but Dubai Gems necklaces, earrings and jewellery sets have an elegant beauty that adds a touch of discrete glamour to the woman who wears them.


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