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November Birth Stones

Topaz has a very long history, it was first found by the Romans. on an island that the Greek’s called Topazios which is in the midst of the red sea. The Topaz name comes from the Sanskrit of fire. The Egyptians considered this beautiful gemstone of where the God Ra poured his powers into. In the middle ages, it was thought this stunning stone could break curses and could be used to do all sorts of magic. 

There’s something so ethereal about this gemstone, it’s azure colour- a light blue like the sky with flashes of white light  along with the more darker and deeper hues. You can see the energy dance off this stone as it radiates harmony and tranquillity

Topaz contains many healing vibrations, from encouraging the creative mind to simply bringing peace. It has a very soothing energy that can bring harmony to the wearers soul. It also helps with balancing that negative energy and emotions. Instead of dwelling on the negative it redirects your energy to remind you that you’re worth, your emotions are valuable and worth being heard and expressed. 

Blue Topaz is very reminiscent of the winter, hence it being November’s birth stone. It invites healthy communication, unblocking whatever is holding you back and simply creating positive thoughts to look forward to. 

White Gold Finish Created Diamond Round Cut Blue Topaz Bangle Bracelet

Citrine is a very bright decorative gem, even as far back as 300BC it was a beloved golden gem. The Romans and Greeks jewellers would use this well renowned gem to adorn wealthy and prominent figures. Queen Victoria also loved this beautiful gem as it was a statement in her 17th centuries costumes. This stone never lost it charms, it continued to be used as a statement on the Hollywood red carpet an example being Greta Garbo.

Citrine is the sun incarnated. It gleams and brings this beautiful glow into your life. It’s like the bright sun on a California beach, bustling with rays of positivity and happiness. This special variety of quartz, soaked in the lemon citrine colour brings this everlasting joy you can’t imagine. Maybe mother’s nature way of saying life gives you lemons…

This sunny stone naturally clears all bad energy as well as give you a boost of energy if you’re feeling held down or tend to procrastinate. It overflows you with sweet optimism and love. Like a river you will flow with high vibrational thoughts as your manifestations come into fruition. It is especially helpful if you need a push into expressing your creative mind and soul. 

Citrine is November’s birthstone as it represents the vitality of life and keeping a healthy mind and body. This month is really about self care and loving your body and mind.

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