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Riviera Range

Truly a magnificent piece of romantic mastery work of art. All colours available.

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Riviera Range

Inspired by the beauty of coast and sea Riviera range really offers endless combinations of shapes and colours which allow you to effectively tell your own unique narrative.

We’re delighted to unveil our collection of hand-crafted UK COLLECTION for this year, offering the opportunity to experience many of the jewellery inspired by the British Isles whilst enjoying the same immersive Riviera Travel experience that we’re famed for.

From the picturesque fishing villages of Cornwall and Yorkshire’s coastal roads to the enchanting Scottish Highlands not forgetting the Northern Ireland’s maritime heritage, all our unique pieces promise new opportunities for discovery.

I can really see and feel the beauty that is resonated in the UK coastlines.  Its really an expression of passion that I have tried to instil in these jewellery pieces.


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