925 STERLING SILVER HEART Interlinking Hearts Bracelet


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925 STERLING SILVER HEART Interlinking Hearts Bracelet

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925 STERLING SILVER HEART Interlinking Heart Bracelet

The heart is the locus of physical and spiritual being, and represents the “central wisdom of feeling as opposed to the head-wisdom of reason”. It is compassion and understanding, life-giving and complex. It is a symbol for love. Often known as the seat of emotions, the heart is synonymous with affection. In Egypt, represented life-essence, as the mummified had their heart preserved, first part of man to live, last to die. Hearts also carry senses of intellect and understanding, as well as connotations of the soul, along with come will and courage.

The heart is often used to symbolize the moral, emotional, spiritual and even the intellectual substance of a person. The heart has been referred to and believed to be the core of one’s humanity. It was used and still used as the primary symbol that represents LOVE.



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