White Gold Finish Yellow Citrine Round Cut Pendant Necklace



White Gold Finish Yellow Citrine Classic Round Cut Pendant Necklace

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White Gold Finish Yellow Citrine Classic Round Cut Pendant Necklace

This stunning pendant is specially handmade with created diamond’s along with beautiful citrine and a luxurious white gold finish. Diamonds are said to have many benefits, it is a very protective stone which means you can ward of any negativity that surrounds you as well as bestow you with good luck, happiness, tranquillity. Prosper with this elegant gem designed just for you. This sunny stone naturally clears all bad energy as well as give you a boost of energy if you’re feeling held down or tend to procrastinate. It overflows you with sweet optimism and love. Like a river you will flow with high vibrational thoughts as your manifestations come into fruition. It is especially helpful if you need a push into expressing your creative mind and soul. This exquisite piece of jewellery can be the perfect gift for someone special. Why not surprise the one you love with this gorgeous pendant?
Citrine November birthstone Pendant
Silky white gold finish
 Made with created diamond
Handmade with love and care
Comes with a luxurious gift box
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