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Titanic Collection

Heart of the Ocean

Many years ago our hearts were smitten by the romantic tragedy, Titanic. Being based on true events of an unsinkable ship that tragically sank. We are all familiar with the love story which is the centre of the movie. However what about one of the driving forces of the movie, the heart of the ocean?

This diamond is known to us as Le Cœur de la Mer- However what isn’t know to us that this diamond is in fact, a fictional diamond. Despite that, many details of this diamond is similar to a well known Jewel which has a story that can be a movie in itself.


Hope Diamond

The hope diamond is an antique cushion cut diamond. It is said that it is cursed as it was stolen from an Indian Statue of the Goddess Sita. It then came into possession of the French King. Louis XVI. This is one of the most famous piece of Jewels in history, because of it’s story. It was rumoured that in the movie the heart of ocean came from a jewel in Louis XVI’s crown, or it was at least inspired by the Hope Diamond. 

Your Own Heart Of The Ocean

The heart of the ocean is known for the beautiful sapphire stone, the unique royal blue colour along with the silky white gold finish. It also features a shimmering diamond halo. The piece above is inspired by this well known pendant, which we also have in many different colours. This pendant exudes elegance and luxury, not only that you get it at a much more cheaper price. 

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