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We Are Champions

2nd May 2016- Leicester became champions of the premier league. The most remarkable win against all odds, which would mark history forever.

I remember the excitement that filled everyone- records were broken and dreams had come true. The foxes had won. Cheer permeated through crowds. We were dancing, singing and were overjoyed as television cameras captured the moment.


At that moment we all reconnected with each other to celebrate. It was like a butterfly effect. It didn’t matter how old you were or any of the differences we had, only love, support and contentment radiated through every one of us.


This encouraged me to create something beautiful, something that holds the happiness and excitement we held that day. I want to remind people that you can achieve the impossible. Quitting is not an option when it comes to accomplishing your dreams. This jewellery carries the hope, the celebration and love we all had that day. A piece of jewellery to make you feel empowered and once again hear the cheers we all had when we became champions.

A reminder that you can score that winning goal.

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