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What Does The Diamond Shape Say About Your Personality

Round Cut Diamond:

A round cut diamond signifies simple elegance, traditional, honest and it’s a representation of an everlasting love. The round cut is a very traditional and classic type of diamond that all women around the world go for, some celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Princess Beatrice of York and Emily Blunt. You can express yourself with this ring, reflecting your outgoing, tasteful and cultivated personality, with elegance, simplicity and tradition.

The origins of the round brilliant cut can be traced back to the middle of the 17th century when diamond cutters began using more refined and complex ways of cutting diamonds. The early brilliant cuts were known as Mazarins, after their designer Cardinal Mazarin, who made the first cross-cut diamond in 1650.

Princess Cut Diamond:

The princess cut signifies intelligence, and a desire to stand out. Princess cut wearers don’t hide away from attention, and are fun and creative, living life to the fullest. A princess cut demands attention with its extravagant glitter, and the woman wearing one may be willing to take risks and act as a leader. The woman who chooses this shape is not likely to shrink from the spotlight. She revels in the attention she receives from her admirers, and she brings a sense of excitement to nearly everything she does. 

The Princess Cut made its debut in 1979. The Princess Cut traces its origins back to the Barion Cut, patented in 1971 by its creator Basil Watermeyer, a South African diamond cutter who named the cut after himself and his wife, Marion.

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